Make future history

June 17th, 2010 by

It is often said that change is the only constant. What is history if not a chronicle of change? Unfortunately, even paying attention to the lessons of the past does not make it easy to predict the future.

Despite this – as those of you who have read this blog know – at Microtask we spend a lot of time talking about the future. More specifically, we have been discussing the changing nature of work.

In the past, work was defined by roles and positions. In the future, we think it will be increasingly based on tasks. This shift is made possible primarily by the widespread adoption of the internet, along with other developments such as new systems of data aggregation and organization.

Well known examples demonstrating this shift include Wikipedia, Amazon’s crowdsourcing platform Mechanical Turk, the innovation solution Innocentive, and photo database iStockPhoto. These organizations, and numerous others like them, gather skilled and unskilled labor and apply it to a huge variety of tasks. As we have discussed in this blog, the benefits for business and society from this shift are enormous. With the market for such work growing exponentially, it is an exciting time to be involved in the industry.

Of course, not all jobs can be performed better by task-based labor (at least not yet). The far majority of us still work in traditional roles, with traditional titles. In fact, as of today, another three such roles exist, working with the hottest start-up in Finland. The three lucky people who fill them will get the chance to work with some of the most successful, and best looking people in the industry (according to their mothers). You guessed it, the positions are here with us, at Microtask.

Right now we are scouring the earth for a Senior Software Test Engineer, a Delivery Project Manager and an experienced Software Engineer to join our rapidly expanding team. Working with a committed team of industry leaders, our new recruits will help develop our product and customer projects. We are looking for goal-driven, articulate and enthusiastic people, who are personable and positive. The roles will be based in our development office in Tampere, starting in September 2010.

If you are interested, please click on the links above and get in touch with us. If you know anyone that might be suitable, please forward them this blog. We want to hear from them too, or even anyone they know. We will stop for nothing (except maybe lunch) to find the right people. History will not wait!