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June 1st, 2011 by

microtask_crowdsourcing_forumsSince The Daily Crowdsource launched last summer, it has quickly evolved to become the home for crowdsourcing news and information: a comprehensive site for news, crowdsourcing tools, and internationally renowned Crowd Leaders. The Daily Crowdsource continues its mission to expand the knowledge of crowdsourcing by launching the first publicly available crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and open innovation forums.

They are the first of their kind to be focused exclusively on facilitating global conversations about the increasing use of crowdsourcing in just about every aspect of life from marketing to public consultation. And because they are not tied to any existing company, they are a place to openly discuss various platforms.

As the founder of site, I can say that the reason behind their appearance within TDC is to support the crowdsourcing industry and further the understanding of crowdsourcing principles by giving people around the world a place to ask and answer questions about this relatively new process that impacts business, funding, activism and communications. We thought it would be beneficial to bring together the companies and individuals who are contemplating – or utilizing – crowdsourcing to help develop best practices and elevate the quality of all of our crowdsourcing efforts.

Echoing my thoughts, Rafael Zatti, founder of says “participating in the creation of the forums was amazing. Brazil is one of the largest countries for collaboration, both online and offline. Having a forum to unify all the discussions and leverage crowdsourcing worldwide will be fundamental. And, of course, Brazil will benefit greatly.”

The forums are currently available in English, German, and Portuguese, however there are plans to roll out forums in four other languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch. The Daily Crowdsource is also considering requests for additional languages to make the forum a truly global venue on crowdsourcing. (Since TDCrowdsource is motivated by the value that crowdsourcing holds, the translation of the forums was, of course, crowdsourced.)

If you want to share information and ideas with like minded individuals as well as some of the leading figures in crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and open innovation, you can visit The Daily Crowdsource to view the crowdsourcing discussion forum.

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    Honestly i truly believe everything should be crowdsourced. I think we can even solve complex global problems.


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