For a fistful of dollars: the weird and wonderful world of Fiverr

June 6th, 2011 by

microtask_fiverrLiving in Finland it’s easy to become anesthetized to the real value of money. After a few years, prices that used to seem unbelievable become perfectly normal (“€6 for a piece of carrot cake, sure that sounds reasonable”). So until very recently, I’d have said that $5 was a pretty small sum. Then I discovered the amazing power of Fiverr.

Fiverr is an online community of users who offer to perform specific tasks (or “gigs”) for just $5. Some of these micro-services are straightforward: send in a portrait for a Photoshop makeover (guaranteed to reverse all 7 signs of aging); get some much-needed Likes for a barren Facebook page about hamsters. Other users are a bit more creative (though I do worry a little about this user’s diet).

Here at Microtask we’re always eager to give the crowd a chance. Armed with $50, we decided to find out exactly what money can buy. Ready?

Every epic venture must have an epic sound track. Fiverr was the perfect opportunity for Microtask to finally get an official tune (plus if there’s one thing rap needs, it’s more lyrics about document processing):

Catchy, huh? For those who prefer their pop a little more “vintage”, how about a Microtask version of Yellow Submarine? Music and lyrics composed and performed by two different Fiverr users:

I think you’ll agree it’s a unique sound experience.

The good the bad and the Photoshopped
As we quickly discovered, some Fiverr users (Fiverrers?) are more dedicated than others. For example, we do believe this picture from Times Square is genuine…


…But alas this “real” Monkey Sock shot isn’t quite so convincing. Someone still needs to read Photoshop For Dummies


Other entries included Microtask’s mark on a selection of hot beverages…


…harbor art (I can hardly contain my excitement)…


…and street signs.


Along with variable quality, Fiverr’s other main issue was reliability. Out of our eleven orders, three got cancelled and three were so late we gave up on them. Pity, we were really looking forward to a hand-drawn version of our logo in the style of Away We Go.

I guess we’ll just have to drink our coffee, listen to our soon-to-be-viral hit songs, and console ourselves with a trip to Los Angeles to see the final entry:


Now that’s $5 well spent.

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