Crowdopolis 2012

May 17th, 2012 by

microtask_crowdopolis_2012What are you planning to do on July 19th? “Sit on a beach sipping a mojito” may be your answer, but it is wrong. What we really want to hear is “I’m attending Crowdopolis 2012 in Los Angeles”. See? It wasn’t that hard (and conferences are better for your skin).

Quick recap: that day, our friends at Daily Crowdsource are organizing an event about the future of crowdsourcing in advertising, tech, and content marketing. And they want you, the expert crowd, there to voice your opinion!

You can take a look at the agenda here (it’s a work in progress, so make sure you check it periodically) and at the confimed list of speakers here.

Specially priced early birds tickets are going fast, so make sure you buy one now.

Plus, you’ll be able to attend the afterparty to network with all speakers and guests after the final presentation, so you’ll even get that mojito eventually.

  • Casey Armstrong

    Great write-up. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for July 19th!