Short Stories About Tiny Tasks: the Microtask Book

June 18th, 2012 by

microtask_short_stories_about_tiny_tasks_1Since we began writing this blog in late 2009, crowdsourcing had grown from a little known concept into the core of a respectable, mainstream industry (in spite of all our efforts to be rebellious and disruptive).

We had many goals for the blog when we started it. Along with making us look cool, we hoped it would chart the rise of the crowdsourcing industry. One day, we thought, we might even republish a selection of posts as a book. Something that people could read before they fall asleep at night, then use as a doorstop or paperweight. That was our dream, at least.

Today, my friends, that day has finally come. The book is called Short Stories about Tiny Tasks. In it you will find tales of industrious moles, gamified worlds and the kind of feel-good co-operation not seen since the hippie revolution of the 1960s. Each story highlights a different, surprising aspect of crowdsourcing, and reveals the incredible range of applications for collective reasoning, gamification and human computing.

To start with, we have partnered with to make Short Stories About Tiny Tasks fully readable on every kind of mobile and desktop browser. This edition comes with some cool social features, so please feel free to share it and join the conversation. You can also download a generic ePub version. Shortly, we will also make it available from the Amazon Kindle and the iBook Store, but don’t hold your breath, as this might take a few weeks.

Finally, if you’re more of a pipe-smoking lover of the good old dead-tree format, send us an email at We are happy to post you a free paper copy.

Whatever format you choose, we hope you enjoy it!


  • Hamrash Abdul Sathar

    Well done…You guys are simply great!