Summer Blockbuster, in cinemas now: The Document Processing Knight Rises

August 21st, 2012 by

microtask_document_processingAs regular readers of this blog know, there is nothing we like more than discussing strange and new types of crowdsourcing. From weird music-related experiments to the incidence of expressions such as “I need to” during the Mad Men era, we try to keep you informed with what is going on across our industry.

Every now and then, however, we use this forum to talk about something much closer to our home and hearts: ourselves.

For the last few years Microtask has focused its efforts on solving the traditional problems associated with document processing. Basically we have been trying to magically transfer those nearly illegible, dusty piles of paper forms that fill the dark comers of your office into digital format on your computer.

This summer…(pretend I am saying this really slowly in that movie preview voice), Mike Rotask rises again, to save the world from the evil problems associated with document processing, and banish those paper forms you hate, forever.

Ok, the animation is not quite Batman, but it does describe how our incredimagic team of oracles and sorcerers thinkers and engineers managed to triumph over the traditional impediments to document processing. Enjoy the magic of cinema, and give us some social media love!