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Ida is looking at the web world from the content point of view. Her past involves journalism, multitasking between different media and a lot of traveling. Being the founding partner and CEO of the start-up content agency Vapa Media has brought a whole lot of content in Ida’s life.

Online brands: Everything you expected?

Posted on by Ida Hakola

“The best way to avoid disappointment is to lower your expectations.” Brand perception is big business. Many reputation consultants, digital boutiques and ad agencies are paid to improve the opinions, mental pictures and expectations people form of a brand as they get to know it. While it is quite straightforward to measure how sales are [...]


Bringing anarchy to the creative process – When distributed work meets interesting web content

Posted on by Ida Hakola

Tommaso: Ida, would you like to write a blog post for us, sharing your ideas on crowdsourcing? Ida: Sure, sounds good! I already have a few thoughts… Two weeks later. The first idea that pops into my head is a text written like a ninth grade “creative essay”. You know, the one where you write [...]

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