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Otto is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the fields of mobile, security and graphics technology. He grew a start-up into a medium-sized company, which was acquired by an international industry leader. At Microtask he is the product owner of the technology.

Make future history

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It is often said that change is the only constant. What is history if not a chronicle of change? Unfortunately, even paying attention to the lessons of the past does not make it easy to predict the future. Despite this – as those of you who have read this blog know – at Microtask we [...]

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Africa Online

Posted on by Otto Chrons

Speak to me of Africa and my mind fills with images of broad savannahs, teeming with wildlife. Dense, impenetrable jungles, also teeming with wildlife. Vast, inhospitable stretches of desert, not quite so teeming with wildlife. Warthog and Meerkat singing show tunes as they help a young Lion reclaim his rightful place as….The Lion King! Okay, [...]

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We’re Hiring: Senior Software Test Engineer Needed!

Posted on by Otto Chrons

Microtask is a dynamic, entrepreneur-driven company, focused on developing a solution for the global distribution of digital labor. We are going to change the way people work, all over the world! To help us find this solution, we are looking for an experienced Senior Software Test Engineer to join our product development team. As the [...]

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