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Crowdsourcing democracy: was the Arab Spring over-hyped?

Posted on by Safia Bhutta

© Photos by Hanna Sistek @Sistek This year, crowdsourced journalism has really “hit the headlines”. From journalists crowdfunding their own investigations, to The Guardian newspaper crowdsourcing its editorial policy. Of course, the biggest crowdsourced news scoop of 2011 is the Arab Spring. From Morocco to Bahrain, citizens risked their lives to film, tweet and blog [...]

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Games at the museum: Mia Ridge interview

Posted on by Safia Bhutta

Culture heritage technologist Mia Ridge is a champion of crowdsourced museum gaming. Mia has worked as a developer for several world-class museums and is now writing her PhD on crowdsourcing digital heritage. She describes games as the “participation engine” of crowdsourcing. Taking time out from her busy speaking schedule, Mia told us how and why [...]


From fiction to fact: interview with Esa Nikkilä

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Once upon a time (summer 2010) in a not-very-faraway land (Tampere), a band of crowdsourcing pioneers began an epic mission. Their aim: to create the world’s first ever crowdsourced novel. Four months, 500 authors and 2500 tweets later, the 140story project was complete. The novel, Todellisuudesta Toiseen (From Reality to Another), has now been crowd-translated [...]