Wili in Peru

Ville Miettinen

Wili is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. He’s been programming since the early 80′s, and has his made career in high-tech in the field of 3D computer graphics. Wili is a world traveller and a semi-professional photographer. Wili is the CEO of Microtask.
Tommaso De Benetti

Tommaso De Benetti

Tommaso is a young and dynamic lover of media and communications. Spending most of his time discussing the industries of games and media, he also runs a popular podcast in Italian and an awesome digital magazine. For Microtask he carries out market and use case research, as well as information exchange.
Katri Saarikivi

Katri Saarikivi

Katri is interested in discovering new ways that psychology can help people. This has led her to work in organizational psychology with a couple of detours into clinical positions. She is currently working as a researcher in cognitive neuroscience.

Esko Kilpi

Esko is an internationally renowned expert on knowledge based organizations and digital work. His interests relate to the complex dynamics of networked value creation. He is an executive advisor for both public sector organizations and leading multinational companies.

Dr Vili Lehdonvirta

Dr Vili Lehdonvirta is a Visiting Fellow at the Asia Research Centre at London School of Economics and an Adjunct Professor of Economic Sociology at the University of Turku. He advises the World Bank’s infoDev program and startup companies around the world on virtual economies, digital labor and ICT4D. He is currently on leave from Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and has previously held visiting positions at the University of Tokyo and Waseda University. Lehdonvirta has a PhD in Economic Sociology from Turku School of Economics and an MSc (Tech) from Helsinki University of Technology.
Santtu Parikka sailing

Santtu Parikka

Santtu brings to the team 18 years of entrepreneurial experience in small and medium-sized companies in Finland. Santtu is an expert in visual reproduction and computer graphics. He is also an avid photographer and has bagged regatta victories in classic yacht sailing.
Otto Chrons

Otto Chrons

Otto is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the fields of mobile, security and graphics technology. He grew a start-up into a medium-sized company, which was acquired by an international industry leader. At Microtask he is the product owner of the technology.
Hannu I. Miettinen

Dr Hannu I. Miettinen

Formerly a research scientist, Hannu is now involved in developing new technologies for tasks that computers struggle with. He has a lifelong interest in promoting excellence in science and technology, and has written popular articles about science for 30 years.

Harri Holopainen

Harri is a serial entrepreneur and an engineer. His background is in software engineering. He is fascinated how new technologies shape our daily lives, and why the greatest innovations tend to become invisible. In his spare time Harri does woodworking and enjoys the occasional good cigar. Harri is the Managing Director of Microtask.

Ida Hakola

Ida is looking at the web world from the content point of view. Her past involves journalism, multitasking between different media and a lot of traveling. Being the founding partner and CEO of the start-up content agency Vapa Media has brought a whole lot of content in Ida’s life.

Jani Penttinen

Jani Penttinen is a founder and CEO of Transfluent, a service that helps brands connect with their fans in any language, and Xiha, a multilingual social network with users in more than 200 countries speaking 140 languages. He blogs at

Jack Reynolds

Jack is a tech-obsessed novelist, researcher and freelance writer who specializes in creating quirky, science-tinged editorial copy. In four years of commercial writing, Jack estimates that he has written over 75% of the internet. Along with writing technology blogs for Zebrablogs, Jack is currently studying for a PhD in Creative and Critical Studies at the University of East Anglia.

Davin Gaffney

Davin is a technology junkie, part-time video-game evangelist and writer of science fables. To pay for food he also writes gamification and crowdsourcing blogs for Zebrablogs and fuses science with fiction using only the power of his mind. He has an MA in Creative Writing from University College Dublin.

Matt Kennedy-Good

Matt is a writer and entrepreneur, with a passion for fine words and hot ideas. He is co-founder of Zebrablogs, a business that helps companies write successful blogs, and the writing company WordZebra. When Matt is not helping businesses to take over the world he enjoys travelling around it.

Seth Weinstein

Communication grad with a fierce passion for crowdsourcing, social media, and bad movies. Owner and sole contributor to Tiny Work, a crowdsourcing blog for the common man. Board member of the SM Theater Company at UMD.