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Journalist vs. microworker: a fair fight?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… who charge $0.1 to $14 per task.

The man behind this “newsflash” is distinguished reporter Adam Penenberg. Here’s the story. Last year, microwork startup Serv.io contacted Penenberg hoping for some free publicity (they got that all right). Instead of writing a regular piece, Penenberg decided to put Serv.io’s microworkers to the test by “crowdsourcing the writing of a profile about the company” using only “the Servio 120,000-member crowd”.

Crowd on crowd reporting …

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Death 2.0: Crowdsourcing the rest of your (after)life

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… sun (it’s a tough life, I know), I came across this off-beat and slightly creepy talk by Adam Ostrow, Mashable’s Editor in Chief.

Adam’s subject was our online (im)mortality. These days people are constantly uploading stuff: social networking profiles, tweets and even humble blogs. Long-term, this means we’re all creating virtual “life-journals” that will, eventually, outlive us. Unable to ignore this disturbing thought, Adam began to explore the weird and wonderful world …

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Getting paid to party: what is the difference between work and play?

Posted on by Vili Lehdonvirta

… as it consumes value created through work. This view was espoused by early economists such as Adam Smith and Karl Marx, but modern economists consider it flawed. There is nothing intrinsically valuable in toiling. Moving rocks from pile A to pile B will be of no use unless someone desires those rocks to be moved. In fact, misguided work can be not only unproductive, but simply destructive: think about excessive bureaucracy, spam advertising and drilling holes in the sea floor that risk …

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Faces in the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… that people in the US can compete with people in India. Before you pick up the phone to call Adam Smith, a simple explanation is at hand. Although most Turkers said that they are motivated by money, a common theme amongst respondents from the US is also the convenient and flexible nature of the work. The ability to choose which tasks one completes also means that workers can select tasks which they are interested in and enjoy. Rather than do a crossword while the twins take a nap, a …

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When worlds collide

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… (desktop and mobile interfaces) in a coherent gameplay experience remains unsolved.

Adam Dust and Eve

This evolution in mobile gaming is occurring at a time when exciting advances are being made in the varying the scale of gameplay. For those of you still reading who are not gamers, you may not have heard of the much celebrated – at least in gaming circles – EVE Online. Developed by CCP of Iceland, Eve Online is a MMOG (massively multi-player online game), with one of …