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Of Maps and Men: is Apple relying on us to fix the iPhone 5?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

As a long-time Apple Fanboy, I’ve done my fair share of preaching from the book of Jobs. But since He passed away/ascended into heaven, many people have been wondering if Apple can continue to delight the world with groundbreaking products. The iPhone 5 was a crucial test for the new leaders of the world’s most valuable company. So far the results have been less than brilliant.

Is Apple as lost as we are? …

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VizWiz: what the crowd sees is what you get

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… my iPhone/ Android/ Blackberry” is just a figure of speech. We might love (or in the case of Apple fanboys, worship) our gadgets but the majority of us would probably still function without 24-hour access to touch-screens, wifi, and Plants vs. Zombies. For many disabled people however, access to technology can be literally life-changing.

Over the past couple of decades there’s been a quiet revolution in “disabled access technology”: un-sexy, practical applications that help …

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Testing Times

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… and your app is left in the store with a two star rating, gathering virtual dust.

Back when Apple’s iPhone had an effective “app monopoly”, developers had it relatively easy. Okay, there was always the problem of getting stuff accepted into the app store, but apps only had to be designed for one interface, one handset, one puritanical CEO. iPhone apps still dominate world sales but now Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Microsoft are all focusing on smartphones. These days apps have …

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TeleVisions of the future

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… like to watch shows together and at the same time as their friends see them. Despite attempts from Apple and Microsoft, most people still watch TV the way they always have.

If it only had a brain

Things are changing though. While only a few years ago the amount of video available on the internet was limited, now there is a huge amount, with most major networks offering free content. Hulu, a website that offers shows from three of America’s four big broadcasters, streamed more than 1 …

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Face it Steve, you need help

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… blame stress (or more precisely long hours and a lack of free time). Stress and Steve Jobs.

An Apple a Day

It all started three years ago, when I bought my first Apple. Despite the social stigma that seems to come with the territory, I’m a very satisfied customer ( check these comments on Engadget after a major Apple release to see how a blog post looks when burnt to ashes).

Even so, I wouldn’t class myself in the much-maligned category of “Apple fanboy”: I don’t have the …

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