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It’s finally here. But does it live up to expectations?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

On Wednesday last week, after two years of increasingly feverish rumors and speculation, the wait was finally over. All over the world, people stopped what they were doing and tuned in to find out whether it could possibly live up to the hype.

The answer, my friends, is an emphatic “yes.”

Slim enough to fit in your bag, visually stunning and packing a real punch under …

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When crowdsourcing goes wrong: Lessons in crowd control

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… going wrong involves a campaign by pizza company Villa Fresh to come up with a new name for apple flavored Mountain Dew. As discussed in a recent Crowdsourcing.org post, the process was hijacked by pranksters from Reddit and 4chan, leaving the online leader-board filled with suggestions like “Gushing Granny” and “Fapple.” This is not an isolated incident. As General Motors once painfully found out, sometimes the crowd acts unpredictably.

The thing is, it’s not hard to …

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MOG: the day the music gamified

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… 16-year-olds seem to think unlimited downloads are a basic human right. Sometimes it seems like Apple shareholders are the only ones who make a decent living from the industry anymore.

The recent Spotify-Facebook deal has pumped up the volume of online debate. Since the “deep integration” of the two companies was announced, Spotify has gained 1 million users and, simultaneously, managed to enrage the entire blogosphere. As a Facebook user, I’ve noticed a sudden avalanche of …

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Crowdsourcing: an ancient Finnish tradition?

Posted on by Hannu I. Miettinen

Crowdsourcing is generally considered to be a modern invention. Like many people, I first came across the term in Jeff Howe’s 2006 article The Rise of Crowdsourcing . I was impressed by Jeff’s ideas, but reading the article I began to think: “somehow this concept sounds very familiar”.

Then I realized why. Crowdsourcing is really just a new name for a very old …

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Too cool to play: the gamification backlash

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… improve my social status).

Post-graduation, the world sometimes seems to work in reverse. Take Apple. In 2000, Mac was the hip, underrated indie-kid of computing. Now everyone’s got an iPhone and suddenly Apple is an evil corporate giant out to steal your money, digital rights and free will (if you believe the Guardian ).

People are instinctively suspicious of stuff that gets too big, too fast. Two years ago the term “gamification” barely existed, now it’s everywhere. There are …