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From millions of tasks to thousands of jobs: Bringing digital work to the developing world

Posted on by Vili Lehdonvirta

… economy and share in its rewards. This is changing, however, and an initiative lead by the World Bank’s infoDev program is helping to shape the change.

As the digital economy grows, it increasingly gives rise to work that is “born digital” – that is, new work that arises out of the possibilities and needs of the digital world. This phenomenon is distinct from how conventional jobs are increasingly digitized in the sense of making heavy use of information and communication …

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Banking on one another: Can the crowd save itself from the banks?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… down to convenience and reliability. If P2P lending and borrowing is more economic than using a bank, and becomes as easy as bidding on eBay, why wouldn’t it catch on? With Google and Facebook already tinkering about with transaction services and even their own currencies, the stage is set for the shift in thinking that may enable this change. And we know that big things can happen when people tap the power of the crowd.

Of course, if it all collapses, we can always fall back on a …

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Could equity based crowdfunding pay for your retirement (and save the world)?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… and fees you might as well just hide it under your mattress (uncomfortable as it might be, if your bank is Greek or Spanish it will probably still make for a better night’s sleep).

Investing directly in the stock market is unlikely to yield much greater returns – assuming you don’t lose it altogether. Managed investment funds promise the world, but seem to specialize more in hidden fees than delivering returns.

Crowdfunding a new era

As you will have guessed by now, the alternative …

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Can crowdsourcing be used as a tool for evil?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… the Eiffel Tower, they must visit such and such website (I’ll provide details of this site and bank numbers at a later date) and click the “donate $5” button. If the target figure of $5 million is not reached in 12 hours, the Eiffel Tower will be blown up. Essentially what I’m talking about is a cross between crowdfunding site Kickstarter and those absurd guilt-trip chain emails saying kids will die if you don’t forward the message.

Like the Joker, in my example, the criminal …


Crime-sourcing: the dark side of the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

What do you do if your bank account gets hacked? Option 1: cancel your credit cards, have a couple of drinks and promise to stop opening emails from long lost cousins based in Nigeria. Option 2: take it personally, put on some dark sunglasses and go after the hackers.

Misha Glenny chose option 2, and then spent over two years infiltrating the murky world of cyber-crime. He uncovered a fast-growing, global industry. …