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Designed intelligence: how experts can help the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… question, but as any Dungeons and Dragons player knows, there is a difference between wisdom and intelligence. Legendary D&D creator (and awesomely named dude) Gary Gygax explained the distinction: Intelligence is noticing that it’s raining. Wisdom is putting up an umbrella.

The wisdom of crowds effect has been on a turbulent journey over the last decade, graduating from a statistical curiosity to a key part of a global industry. The concept has been at the heart of some …

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Cracking the code: The crowd vs the virus

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… at the big antivirus companies concluded that Stuxnet was probably created by the US or Israeli intelligence services, and was designed to cripple the Iranian nuclear program.

This blog will self destruct in ten seconds

Of course, the US and Israel responded with the traditional mantra of the intelligence community: deny all knowledge. The story seemed to go away. The idea of governments releasing their own viruses into the wild is pretty sinister, but not quite as bad as the thought of …

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Apocalypse Now-ish: can crowdsourcing save us from 2012?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… have struggled to identify and track every “near earth object”. Now the European Space Agency (ESA) has appealed to the crowd for help. ESA is piloting a project where amateur astronomers work with automated software to hunt for asteroids. Volunteers in Tenerife have already spotted one asteroid classed as a “potential impact threat”. Luckily it “just” missed the earth by about 30 million km (so no need to call in Bruce Willis quite yet). ESA aims to have nightly …

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A (cryptic) case for the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… currently being acted out by America’s premier crime fighting (and conspiracy-theory-generating) agency: The FBI.

Mental man hunt

The FBI has a long history of working with the crowd. Ever since agents nailed up the first Most Wanted poster ( back in 1919 apparently ), citizens have been eager to aid “the Bureau” in the fugitive-catching business.

This March, the FBI published a unique appeal for crowd help. Here’s the story: in 1999, police discovered the murdered body of a …

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Behind the façade: How crowdsourcing will bring videogames to life

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… In the near future, instead of having a studio sweat for years over Milo’s artificial intelligence, it will be entirely managed by the cloud. For no matter how dedicated or talented the team of programmers, they will never come up with sufficient algorithmic behaviors to allow for every possible situation.

The cloud will add human intelligence to the recipe, allowing avatars like Milo to be imbued with the experience of millions of brains working together. Milo’s children …

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