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Predicting the Facebook IPO: The crowd gets it wrong

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… . The site was created in response to a suggestion by venture capitalist Chris Sacca that someone should create a forum where pundits could register their predictions before the big day. Although share markets are notoriously irrational, in a way it makes a lot of sense. Who better to predict something based on the whims of a crowd than a crowd?

When voting closed, a total of 2,261 Twitter users had predicted a price of $54. This was nearly $16 above the first day …

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Ancient Lives: crowdsourcing makes history (but will it last?)

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… Nazis ).

Although the scrolls are written entirely in Ancient Greek, Ancient Lives director Chris Lintott insists this shouldn’t deter the crowd: “You don’t need to know Greek… you can transcribe these texts letter by letter. It’s just pattern recognition.”.

Goodwill hunting

Hang on a second, pattern recognition? What happened to discovering lost civilizations and unlocking secret histories? Ancient Lives might sound glamorous, but the reality is scroll after scroll …

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Free from the chains: how crowdfunding is changing game development

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… a similar level of excitement.

Should traditional publishers now fear the rise of niches? Could Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail theories somehow also apply to a big-bucks market like gaming? But most importantly, is funding shifting from the deep pockets of the “elite” to the not-so-deep-pockets of a vast crowd of gamers who want to be included in the decision process?

It’s maybe a bit early to pop the champagne, as consumers are not blindly funding projects just to send signals …

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Ghost in the machine: crowdsourcing the meaning of life

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… in other areas.

If the world of videogames has an “I have a dream” man, it is surely Chris Crawford. Already well known for his foresight, in 1992 Crawford made a dramatic speech, where he outlined his dream of using videogames for artistic expression (and talked about dragons a lot). When he finished this speech he drew a sword and stormed out of the conference, leaving the traditional videogames industry forever. (Apparently this is how people who think about videogames all …

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Flattery will get you everywhere

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… attention than is possible in a short blog post (if interested I suggest taking a look at what Chris Anderson and Matt Mason have said about these issues). Putting aside the grumbling arguments of established content producers – who are yet to figure out a workable business model for the broadband age – free-for-all content also makes life difficult for those smaller, perhaps not strictly commercial, producers.

Recently some friends of mine, along with about fifty other people …