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My Wife, the Computer

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… their work would be used down the line.

In the modern world it seems odd that a human could be a computer – the sentence “allow me to introduce my wife; she’s a computer” would surely raise some eyebrows. A moment’s consideration of the word itself removes the oddness – to compute is to calculate, so it follows that a “computer” would correspond to “one who calculates”. So before the machines established their binary monopoly on working stuff out, there was only one way …

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We, Robot: A Vision of What’s to Come

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… the benefit of millions of years of natural selection’s tiny, incremental improvements. Robot or computer vision has only a couple of lousy decades on the board which, even with a multitude of talented researchers on the case, is hardly enough time to catch up.

But catching up it is. Researchers are constantly developing algorithms to enable robots to better filter out relevant information from their images. A clever way of addressing this problem has recently been crafted by harnessing …

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Will 3D printing and crowdsourcing bring the industrial revolution home?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… than great. If any of you clicked on the ringtone crowdsourced above (and didn’t smash your computer trying to make it shut up) you’ll know what I mean. But the industry is still in its infancy. As it matures, and its strengths are understood and applied more effectively, we can expect the co-operation and efficiency it facilitates to deliver increasingly powerful results.

For those of us in the crowdsourcing industry, the simultaneous rise of 3D printing is particularly exciting …


Summer Blockbuster, in cinemas now: The Document Processing Knight Rises

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… dusty piles of paper forms that fill the dark comers of your office into digital format on your computer.

This summer…(pretend I am saying this really slowly in that movie preview voice ), Mike Rotask rises again, to save the world from the evil problems associated with document processing, and banish those paper forms you hate, forever.

Ok, the animation is not quite Batman, but it does describe how our incredimagic team of oracles and sorcerers thinkers and engineers managed to …

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Manufacturing success: how to use crowdsourcing to enhance innovation and product development

Posted on by Derek Singleton

… 3. Make it easier to share design files. Right now, there is no standard for sharing CAD (computer aided design) files because there is no standard software format for the files. This makes it difficult for project collaborators to share their designs with others. Without a way to share files, it’s pretty tough to change and adapt different designs. Creating a universal standard for CAD files could greatly enhance the potential for crowdsourcing and collaborative innovation.

A few …

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