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Who will police The Police?

Posted on by Santtu Parikka

… it their business to provide extremely high quality output using a quality control system called CrowdControl.

CrowdControl works by using Rumsfeld’s known knowns to evaluate just how good people are at identifying known unknowns, if you know what I mean. When they provide microtasks for someone to complete, they include some tasks they already know the response to. If a worker errs on one of these tasks, they are notified, in the expectation that they will learn from the mistake. It …

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Happily ever after: how bored workers and their bosses can benefit from crowdsourcing

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… treat crowdsourcing almost like a fairytale industry.

Recently, however, our friends at CrowdControl have begun to tear down our carefully cultivated air of magic and mystery with new research on the demographics of digital labor (I can handle losing a little mystique, but nobody better go anywhere near my special Microtask wizard’s hat). Some of the results do not make pleasant reading for traditional employers.

The research found that nearly 75% of those surveyed have a job …

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