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Crowdsourcing global development: working theories

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

What do Madonna, the Chinese Government and crowdsourcing all have in common? Answer: a complex and sometimes controversial relationship with the developing world.

Take the much quoted statistic that 33% of workers on Mechanical Turk are located in India. It sounds impressive, right? Thousands of people in a developing country using Mechanical Turk to earn some much needed extra rupees. But according to a recent study by Microsoft …

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Libya, liberation and the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… crowd you can understand why. Deprived of broadband, the opposition has shown that in the age of crowdsourcing, a cell phone can be a megaphone (if you add a burning sense of injustice and a little help from Twitter, Google and CNN).

Alive and tweeting

In the early days of the Libyan revolt there were no foreign journalists on the ground (presumably because the world’s media was still camped out in Cairo). As the fighting spread, citizens turned to web and mobile technology to get …

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Bribes and Prejudice: India’s crowdsourcing revolution

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… ourselves on upholding this ignoble tradition with our “constructive criticism” of state-run crowdsourcing efforts (see here and here, oh and here ).

In the West, government corruption – whether it’s the influence of lobbying groups or the latest WikiLeaks scandal – is certainly a hot topic. But spare a thought for the billion or so citizens of India. On the subcontinent, corruption isn’t confined to news reports but exists at every level of society: a real and unwelcome …

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Crowdsourcing: amateur and proud

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… But perhaps it’s time to think again when it comes to non-professionals. Jeff Howe, one of crowdsourcing’s founding fathers, certainly thinks so. In his recent book Crowdsourcing: Why the power of the crowd is driving the future of business, Howe devotes a whole chapter to the valuable role played by amateurs through history. Looking back nearly 400 years, he discusses how the “gentleman scientists” of the 17th century collaborated, by mail, to form a major scientific …

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AudioDraft: for a better sounding business

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

Here at Microtask we really believe crowdsourcing works. Ever since we started as a business, we’ve not only worked to develop our own company vision, but also tried to reach out, engage with and promote the services of our friends and competitors. Why? Because we believe the more active businesses in the crowdsourcing ecosystem are, the more the ecosystem will grow and flourish.

From our T-shirt design competition with 99 …

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