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Distributed work and data security: can the crowd keep a secret?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… with the “McNealy philosophy” is that the web is now the place where millions of people go to work, as well as play. Even the most innocent, open, non-evil companies generally have some data – such as personal information, research and development strategy, secret Santa lists – they need to keep secure.

Distributed work platforms face a unique and particularly knotty data security dilemma. If your business model relies on distributing client data among a vast (often anonymous) crowd …

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Grandma knows best: experiments in distributed education

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… voluntary schemes like Prof. Mitra’s will be trendsetters – demonstrating the possibilities of distributed work to the older generation (also, shouldn’t there be a grandfather cloud too? Old men could teach kids how to chop wood and rebuild car engines with a single spanner).

A few English grandmothers clearly won’t solve the education crisis in the developing world. Massive investment is needed, along with stable governments, school buildings and, of course, food and clean water. …

Tags: child literacy crowd crowdsourcing crowdsourcing platform distributed work DNA Education Grandparent India Newcastle University South Korea Sugata Mitra TED

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Bringing anarchy to the creative process – When distributed work meets interesting web content

Posted on by Ida Hakola

… bring the crowdsourcing idea to the process of creating interesting web content. Or maybe it might work by chance – but just once.

My work in Vapa Media revolves around interesting, up to date and good web content in general. The first questions arise when one must decide, what good content actually is, and what it is not. To make it simple I think that good web content has an audience, while bad content doesn’t. What is not interesting, doesn’t exist. The same philosophy applies …

Tags: Content Management crowd crowdsourcing crowdsourcing platform distributed work Dmitry Glukhovsky Idea Metro 2033 Microsoft Site Management Web Applications Web content

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SpeakerText: serious about subtitles

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… few months we’ve covered a whole bunch of companies that use the “assembly-line” model of distributed work. From ServioTranslate to Mybossisarobot, crowd-machine workflow is definitely in fashion.

By combining on-trend crowdsourcing with a little JavaScript magic, it looks like SpeakerText might finally have invented a video search tool to replace the rewind button.

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Libya, liberation and the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… translation platform called Alive in Libya appeared on the scene. Alive in Libya uses a distributed army of online volunteers to translate tweets, emails, audio and video clips into English. The published results are compelling: often Libyans are literally tweeting under fire.

New media storm

Since the Iranian election protests in 2009 there’s been fierce debate about the so-called “Twitter Factor” in world events. Is social networking the voice of a new generation, …

Tags: Aljazeera Arab world CNN crowd crowdfunding crowdsourcing crowdsourcing platform distributed work Libya microwork Middle East North Africa Twitter Wadah Khanfar

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