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Banking on one another: Can the crowd save itself from the banks?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… If P2P lending and borrowing is more economic than using a bank, and becomes as easy as bidding on eBay, why wouldn’t it catch on? With Google and Facebook already tinkering about with transaction services and even their own currencies, the stage is set for the shift in thinking that may enable this change. And we know that big things can happen when people tap the power of the crowd.

Of course, if it all collapses, we can always fall back on a system of barter. Which will be good for …

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2011: the year the future became history?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… We have big shoes to fill: other winners include Google, Skype, Baidu, Salesforce, YouTube and eBay.

We are equally proud of the success of Digitalkoot, our joint project with the National Library of Finland. To date almost 100,000 volunteers have donated over 280,000 minutes of time and completed nearly 6 million tasks. With their help (yes, and some assistance from a lot of moles) we were a finalist in the DISH (Digital Strategies for Heritage) and Mindtrek Launchpad awards. …

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The reluctant crowdsourcer: a decade of Wikipedia

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… sucks you in and won’t let go.

You click over for a quick fact check – to find out the year eBay was founded, say – and suddenly it’s thirty minutes later and you’re halfway through an article on Dutch Tulip Mania.

2011 is Wikipedia’s tenth anniversary and the world’s media has joined in celebration with fans/addicts of fascinating/useless trivia. The site is such a fact of internet life that I actually assumed it was older. It’s weird to think that although Wikipedia …

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From millions of tasks to thousands of jobs: Bringing digital work to the developing world

Posted on by Vili Lehdonvirta

Every country in the world has probably benefited in some way from the unprecedented access to knowledge and services brought about by the digital revolution. But producing the knowledge banks and services has so far been a predominately rich-country business. The world’s poorest countries have generally not been able to participate in the production side of the digital …

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Microtask Takes the (Red Herring) Cake

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… for 2011. We now join the ranks of companies like Google, Skype, Baidu, Salesforce.com, YouTube, eBay and many others who won this award and went on to change the way we live and work. Good Karma.

Here’s the proof:

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