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Crimes against content: is crowdsourcing to hamsters a bridge too far?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… the goal of this heinous content-crime is to produce bogus “original” material that search engines think is legit. Maybe one day, Google will stop trying to be the new Facebook and work out how to block this stuff. Meanwhile, I can reassure readers that future versions of Digitalkoot will almost certainly not include any dragon claws, goblin villages or hamster sub-tasks. Oh, and if you’re reading this on a power-leveling site, please excuse the typos.

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Searching Questions: how good is Google?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… so. He predicts that “the knowledge web” will eventually get taken over by smaller specialist engines like Wolfram Alpha.

It’s a depressing vision. But what if Google could combine the trustworthiness of friend groups with the depth of crowdsourced expert knowledge?

Crowdsourced Q&A services Quora and Stack Overflow already tap into a community of experts who provide reliable answers to user questions. Answers are voted up or down by the community. On Stack Overflow, …


SpeakerText: serious about subtitles

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… for text documents (that’s what happens when you put academics in charge of technology). Search engines still only recognize text: video content is invisible.

Most providers solve this problem by SEO-ing the web pages that contain videos (“Search engine optimization” is internet-jargon for sucking up to Google). A more sophisticated solution is video transcription: converting the spoken contents of a video into text and embedding it into the web page.

Video nicely

There are two …

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Grandma knows best: experiments in distributed education

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… there be a grandfather cloud too? Old men could teach kids how to chop wood and rebuild car engines with a single spanner).

A few English grandmothers clearly won’t solve the education crisis in the developing world. Massive investment is needed, along with stable governments, school buildings and, of course, food and clean water. There are also big, ambitious technology projects, like the one child per laptop scheme. But even so, the Granny Cloud shows that with a broadband …

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Smartsheet: the deadliest app in town?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… a tiny network, populated by a handful of nerdy academics, until web browsers, email and search engines got the world seriously online.

So, the million (or more likely several billion) dollar question is: what will be the killer app for crowd labor? The piece of software that makes tapping into the crowd as common as firing up Firefox, or yelling at MS Word Help?

Smarter fitter app-ier

One serious contender is Smartsheet, a spreadsheet-like tool that’s big on online …

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