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Speaking in tongues: how the crowd is transforming translation

Posted on by Jani Penttinen

… significant change is that these networks can now be controlled through an application programming interface (API). This means that the ordering of translations can be fully automated, while the actual work is performed by real human beings. This opens up a whole new world of innovation.

Take PremiumFanPage (PFP) as a completely random example (it is pure coincidence that I am CEO and founder). Using an API and an army of crowdsourced translators around the world, it can automatically read …

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A ticket to play

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… – all the places where people are usually terribly bored. If you can’t take the crowd to the interface, maybe it’s time to start taking interfaces to the crowd.

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Keep Watching the Iron Skies!

Posted on by Davin Gaffney

… this point we don’t have any plans for an algorithmic distribution system but the tools and user interface we have now still need a lot of work. We are working on improving it, looking at how we and others want to use crowdsourcing. We need to evolve and learn new techniques.

What do you see for the future of crowdsourced movies?

I think this is just the beginning of digital crowdsourcing. In the future I think online tools will become more effective and easier to use, and we will get …

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Duolingo Beta put to the test: can you learn a language while translating the web?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… – with mediocre results – while exploring a notorious Caribbean island.)

A brilliant user interface

At first glance, Duolingo is clean, friendly and sleek. There is no hint of the annoying and unintentionally funny user interface associated with reCAPTCHA.

To begin with, the platform gave me a quick tour, introducing really basic concepts and allowing me to try my hand at translating simple sentences. At any time I could hover on each linguistic particle to see a suggested …


Crowdsourcing the slums: a breath of fresh air?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… under-resourced urban slums of Dar es Salaam. Armed only with integrity, an OpenStreetMap interface and (presumably) a really good Swahili dictionary, Mark’s team crowdsourced geo-located data from Tandale residents and students. As well as tapping into local knowledge, Mark claims that this approach ” allows the community themselves to take ownership of the project”.

Results so far are impressive. In just a few weeks, residents have produced detailed maps of toilets and …

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