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Microtask: we love the forms you hate

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

Paper forms are the bane of the modern workplace. They clutter-up our wireless, iPad-glass-and-steel offices like ghosts of the pre-digital past. As well as ruining the décor, forms are a terrible way to store data (just try “quick sorting” a full filing cabinet). Humankind has sent robots to Mars, mapped the human genome and even (in just 11 years) tracked down Osama Bin Laden. So why is the paperless office still such an impossible dream?

As you probably know …

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What Wizard Battles Can Teach Us About Crowdsourcing

Posted on by Seth W

I’d like to start with a confession: when I’m not thinking about crowdsourcing, I’m busy being a huge geek. Not trendy geek chic, unfortunately, but the old fashioned type (a trendsetter maybe?). Read on bearing this in mind.

My main vice is Magic: the Gathering , a role-play card game where players are magically-dueling wizards. The only game pieces are cards which …

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Food52: a recipe for crowdsourcing success?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… with US health food giant Whole Foods. They have also just launched a Holiday Cookbook iPad app. It’s still early days but, for now, Food52 seems to have cornered the market in “cooking social”.

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Crowdsourcing the slums: a breath of fresh air?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… annoying things like the plague – is actually pretty important (don’t get me wrong, it’s no iPad or anything).

Which is why it stinks that so many people in the world do not have access to it.

Intrepid PhD student Mark Iliffe has been doing his best to do something about this in the slums of Kenya and Tanzania, using – you guessed it – crowdsourcing.

How do you say “where’s the WC?”

Mark’s scheme, The Tandale Mapping Project, aims to map sanitation services in …

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Searching Questions: how good is Google?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… search engine focused on “now”, “here” and “me” is great if you want to find the best iPad 2 deals or hook up with your friendly local crowdsourcing startup. But less useful if you need to search complex scientific data sets or track down news headlines from twenty years ago.

Keep your Google friends close

As if to confirm Prof. Vaidhyanathan’s worst fears, Google has just launched a new social networking style +1 button. This innocent-looking icon allows users to tag …