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Crowd funding: a monumental achievement

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… company raised over $900,000 from people (again via Kickstarter) keen to place a pre-order for an iPod Nano watchstrap. Hardly a statue of Robocop, yet almost 14,000 people invested.

It’s almost impossible to predict what the next big viral phenomenon will be. I doubt anyone – especially Mayor Bing – expected Detroit to get a $50,000 Robocop statue this spring. (Perhaps he supposed the money would be better spent on homeless shelters or paying the wages of a few real cops. The fool.) …

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Facing the future: Will we all work for Mark one day?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… like AOL, or will it become a phenomenon that is as a pervasive feature of modern life as the iPod, or even TV?

With over 400 million members – from zealous supporters to those who rarely show up – the Facebook community is now perhaps more akin to a world religion than a website. In the online world, the value of a product or service increases in direct proportion to the number of people who use it. This means that Facebook – like Google before it – is in an increasingly …