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Live Aid – giving the crowd more feedback

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… have met with significant criticism, from both aid organizations and prominent thinkers such as Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Collier. For armchair observers of this debate, deciding who makes the better case is an interesting challenge, but in my opinion virtually impossible. Each argument rests on analysis of information so detailed that even drawn out, intense debate does not resolve them.

The invisible hand-outs

In this enormously complex debate, one argument that is difficult to …

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VizWiz: what the crowd sees is what you get

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… like OCR and speech-recognition. These are impressive advances but human-computer expert Jeffrey Bigham believes that, with the help of the crowd, things are about to get much, much better.

Remote assistants

As Professor Bigham points out, purely automated technologies often struggle to cope with the “infinite variability” of reality. Here at Microtask, we’re very familiar with this phenomenon. The whole Digitalkoot project (did I mention we now have almost 50,000 …

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