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Getting paid to party: what is the difference between work and play?

Posted on by Vili Lehdonvirta

… value created through work. This view was espoused by early economists such as Adam Smith and Karl Marx, but modern economists consider it flawed. There is nothing intrinsically valuable in toiling. Moving rocks from pile A to pile B will be of no use unless someone desires those rocks to be moved. In fact, misguided work can be not only unproductive, but simply destructive: think about excessive bureaucracy, spam advertising and drilling holes in the sea floor that risk irreparable …

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Crowdsourcing Forums, a Daily appointment

Posted on by David Bratvold

Since The Daily Crowdsource launched last summer, it has quickly evolved to become the home for crowdsourcing news and information: a comprehensive site for news, crowdsourcing tools, and internationally renowned Crowd Leaders. The Daily Crowdsource continues its mission to expand the knowledge of crowdsourcing by launching the first publicly available crowdsourcing, …

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