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When crowdsourcing goes wrong: Lessons in crowd control

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… the more feedback you give the crowd the better the results are likely to be.

There’s a Kardashian-sized but coming, though. While minimizing the risk of the crowd behaving badly is good, you still have to maintain the integrity of the whole process. Heavy-handedness in certain circumstances will stifle creativity and potentially alienate the crowd. Vet the crowd too much, and you may submit to expert bias (or end up with no crowd at all). Being too rigid in your aims will deny you …

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Hey! You! Get off my crowd: is crowdsourcing becoming a meaningless buzzword?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… cars by squeezing out the last drops of nostalgia from his cheeky Ferris Bueller grin), and Kim Kardashian (doing something that I’m not going to bother dignifying with a link).

Out of thousands of entries, each company picked one lucky winner to receive prizes of up to $30,000. Doritos featured a man being bribed with tortilla chips to keep quiet about the activities of his murderous dog, Chevrolet fared less well with a predictable graduation day mix-up, while yoghurt maker …

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