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Twitter Predictions: the future is just 140 characters away

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… ridiculed, subpoenaed (by the U.S government no less) and accused of starting revolutions. From Lady Gaga to the Pope, everybody tweets.

For a Web 2.0 giant, Twitter’s functionality is surprisingly basic. But (like Ikea furniture and Forest Gump) Twitter’s simplicity is its strength. Everyday tweeters create a vast, searchable dataset of thoughts and opinions – a 140-character global mood meter. Far from being mere “cyber-babble” our collective tweets contain valuable …

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SpeakerText: serious about subtitles

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… two “traditional” video transcription methods. Option one: get someone (for example a nice lady from California ) to watch the whole video and type it out – accurate but expensive and slow. Option two: use machine transcription – cheap but often unintentionally hilarious.

Crowdsourcing startup SpeakerText has proposed a third way (cue drum roll and dry ice). The company claims to “combine artificial and human intelligence to offer low-cost, high-quality video …

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Adventures in Primetime

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… ). Unfortunately, Riemann never produced a full proof of his theory – legend has it his cleaning lady accidentally burned the papers – so the Riemann hypothesis remains unsolved.

Even in the absence of concrete proof, many people have adopted the Riemann hypothesis as a working model. Take the RSA algorithm, which is now used to encrypt all transactions with electronic money (including Amazon’s 32 sales per second). Without going into details, the principles of RSA encryption are …