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Rate me baby one more time: crowdsourcing the perfect song

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… selection of your favorite tracks

A group of evolutionary scientists at Imperial College in London have created a crowdsourced research project which attempts to do just that. The researchers note that every time a listener chooses one song over another, they are making a creative choice, with one track being more successful than another. This process mirrors Darwinian natural selection and provides a great way to test the idea that music can evolve and adapt.

The project’s …

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7 degrees of failure: Is the power of the crowd overrated?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… supermarket ? In the slums of Nairobi or sewers of Delhi? Actually, no. They were in Stockholm and London. (Clearly no one won the Carmen Sandiego Lifetime Achievement Award this time round.)

For crime-fighters and crowdsourcerers (yes, that’s a new term) around the world this is disappointing – especially if you consider that this kind of lend-us-your-eyes crowdsourcing only really works in populated areas. It doesn’t even take into account the fact that 71% of the Earth’s surface …

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Crowdsourcing crime part II: the net has eyes

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… one of the things the U.K is famous for is CCTV. These days the streets and shopping malls of London are heaving with surveillance cameras.

Nobody knows how many there are, but it’s generally agreed Britain is one of the most watched countries in the world. You have to wonder what this nation of polite tea-drinkers would do if they turned all the cameras off: loot Oxford Street? Storm Buckingham palace? Queue jump?

Okay, fun as laughing at the Brits is, I do have a point here. CCTV …

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Crowdfunding donations: Is giving me your money a good idea?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

When people ask me “What’s your dream holiday?” I usually lie to them. I say some exotic holiday destination that makes me sound normal. I don’t say space or the moon or the bottom of the sea, because I’m nervous it might make me sound like a dreamer or full of myself. Which I am (not).

But the truth is I am a lot like Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher and James …

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Trillion Fund: where normal people can invest (and save the world)

Posted on by Matt-Kennedy Good

… the output from my solar panels on an app on my Phone, (14kWhrs yesterday – and I have a small London roof!). There is something addictive about tickers and numbers going up all the time…

How will you choose which sustainable energy companies to offer?

We will choose our partners very carefully. The leadership team has a lot of experience with renewable energy projects and new ventures in general. I have spent the last two years installing solar panels on homes in the UK for example …

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