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Microtask: we love the forms you hate

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… them from groaning, overweight piles to slender spreadsheets (available in two popular Excel formats:.xls or.csv).

The idea is simple and powerful. Submit your forms via fax or email then sit back and let the crowd do the work. Our system extracts the data from each record (a totally painless procedure) and splits it into individual tasks which are distributed, over the internet, to our workers. Humans are much better than machines at deciphering handwriting (especially bad …

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When worlds collide

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… Pokemon for Nintendo DS ).

With new advances, such as the recently announced Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft might have found a way to integrate living room (or desktop) games with portable devices. However, even taking for granted the absence of technical barriers, the problem of integrating two very different kind of interaction (desktop and mobile interfaces) in a coherent gameplay experience remains unsolved.

Adam Dust and Eve

This evolution in mobile gaming is occurring at a time …

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TeleVisions of the future

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… shows together and at the same time as their friends see them. Despite attempts from Apple and Microsoft, most people still watch TV the way they always have.

If it only had a brain

Things are changing though. While only a few years ago the amount of video available on the internet was limited, now there is a huge amount, with most major networks offering free content. Hulu, a website that offers shows from three of America’s four big broadcasters, streamed more than 1 billion …

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Crowdsourcing global development: working theories

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… using Mechanical Turk to earn some much needed extra rupees. But according to a recent study by Microsoft Research India, the vast majority of Indian Turkers are college graduates with above-average household incomes. In other words, mainly middle class kids.

We like to think of paid crowdsourcing as a truly “equal opportunities” phenomena. A global workplace where anyone anywhere can get a job. But is this really true outside developed, computer-literate countries? Has crowdsourcing …


Testing Times

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… puritanical CEO. iPhone apps still dominate world sales but now Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Microsoft are all focusing on smartphones. These days apps have to work on multiple phones and carriers, fighting for an edge in an increasingly crowded market.

Mob Rule?

At some point, everyone experiences that “cry-with-frustration” feeling you get from badly designed software: websites with no “Home” button, buggy videogames, apps that seem to be made for cinema-sized screens …

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