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How many microtasks does it take to change the world?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… take projects from non-profit organizations and divide the work into (you’ve guessed it) microtasks, which are distributed to a crowd of skilled volunteers. Projects range from the global mapping of defibrillator locations, to helping improve the website of a domestic violence charity in California. In two years, Sparked has signed up 32,000 volunteers who together have completed over 325,000 tasks.

In fairness to Mr Gladwell (who I’m sure is a dedicated follower of our …


Work could heal the mind: microtasking from a cognitive perspective

Posted on by Katri Saarikivi

… In this article guest writer Katri Saarikivi discusses how task based work, and in particular microtasks, offer exciting opportunities for not only the treatment of cognitive dysfunction, but also reducing lost productivity in the workplace.

Cognitive difficulties in different illnesses

Cognitive difficulties can arise in conjunction with many kinds of illness and stressors. Obvious states such as burnout, brain injury or dementia and less obvious such as schizophrenia, depression …

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Space Peas and Holy Toast: Why Pattern Recognition is Humanity’s Killer App

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

People are strange. We look for faces and animals in clouds, we spot Michael Jackson in a greasy roasting dish, and we pay tens of thousands of dollars for pieces of toast that resemble the Virgin Mary (personally, I think it looks more like Michael Jackson, but I admit that I am not a qualified toast inspector).

This compulsion to find meaningful images in random …

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From millions of tasks to thousands of jobs: Bringing digital work to the developing world

Posted on by Vili Lehdonvirta

… Mechanical Turk (AMT), a digital labor marketplace. At any given time AMT carries around 200,000 microtasks, each worth from a few cents to several dollars. Anyone wishing to earn this money can simply point their web browser to AMT and follow the instructions. Microwork is inclusive in that gender, disability and other personal characteristics do not play a role in selection on digital labor marketplaces.

The World Bank’s mission is to reduce poverty in the world, and its infoDev …

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Banking on one another: Can the crowd save itself from the banks?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… will be good for plumbers and carpenters, but not so good for us at Microtask (you try bartering microtasks in exchange for a cheeseburger at 1am).

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