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Africa online 2011: The mobile continent

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… According to a recent article in the Economist, in most African countries more people have a mobile phone than a bank account. In technologically advanced Kenya, over 50% of the population now owns a mobile. A friend of mine who used to live in Mali told me that many young people there would rather go hungry than go without SMS.

In the West, all the money and media attention goes to smartphones – see the hyperactive press coverage of Nokia’s recent deal with Microsoft. However, …

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Banking on one another: Can the crowd save itself from the banks?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… Hollywood celebrity will tell you: banks are pure evil.

Personally, I quite like the banking system as a whole. Swiping a little plastic card in exchange for a pile of food is my favorite magic trick. Still, there’s no doubt the current system could be improved. And, you guessed it, crowdsourcing may be able to help, by offering an alternative way for people to borrow and lend money.

Models for (spare) change

A variety of crowd-based alternatives now provide ways for …

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Short Stories About Tiny Tasks: the Microtask Book

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… Publification.com to make Short Stories About Tiny Tasks fully readable on every kind of mobile and desktop browser. This edition comes with some cool social features, so please feel free to share it and join the conversation. You can also download a generic ePub version. Shortly, we will also make it available from the Amazon Kindle and the iBook Store, but don’t hold your breath, as this might take a few weeks.

Finally, if you’re more of a pipe-smoking lover of the good old …

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7 degrees of failure: Is the power of the crowd overrated?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… There is also Geocaching, in which participants try to find hidden items using teamwork, GPS and mobile phones. But, like crowdsourcing, this game works a lot better when the object of your search leaves itself open to being found. If I really wanted to hide my Lucky Charms, I’m not going to post their coordinates online and leave them under a bush at the local dog park.

So even today with all our crowdsourcing and hi-tech toys, you can disappear just by heading somewhere a little off …


From millions of tasks to thousands of jobs: Bringing digital work to the developing world

Posted on by Vili Lehdonvirta

… labor markets.

But even the most underprivileged people in the world increasingly have access to mobile phones. There are over 5 billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world, and over half a billion in India alone. In 2011, mobile phone penetration reached almost 80 percent in the developing world. In the near future, typical mobile phones in the developing world will start to resemble personal computers in terms of features and Internet connectivity.

m2Work is an online challenge …

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