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Trillion Fund: where normal people can invest (and save the world)

Posted on by Matt-Kennedy Good

… to take advantage of these new laws (the UK is set to follow the US later this year) is Trillion Fund. Trillion Fund’s modest goal is to eventually raise a trillion dollars for sustainable energy projects. Just as ambitious is the fund’s goal of raising it in small increments from people looking to invest modest amounts of money.

Trillion Fund is led by a diverse group of overachievers from the investment, tech and renewable energy industries. Julia Groves is one of them. I caught up …

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Could equity based crowdfunding pay for your retirement (and save the world)?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… this money goes and of course the returns that come from it. If all goes well, one day it may fund part of your retirement. That or buy an attack drone to terrorize your neighbors with.

The problem, for small investors, is finding somewhere decent to put the money.

Retail deposits are an obvious start. But after tax, inflation and fees you might as well just hide it under your mattress (uncomfortable as it might be, if your bank is Greek or Spanish it will probably still make for a …

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Twitter Predictions: the future is just 140 characters away

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… they fell. Dr Bollan is reported to have licensed his Twitter-prediction method to a London hedge fund (and so will presumably be retiring to a Caribbean island very soon).

Meaning overload

So far, Twitter experimenters have relied on relatively simple language-processing software to extract data from tweets. To get deeper insights, you need to do deeper analysis. The trouble is that human language is notoriously difficult for machines to interpret. Give humans 140 characters and we …

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Crowdfunding the future: Mad science, bad science, and the Tesla Museum

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… access to millions of new investors. Crowdfunding gives even the maddest scientists the chance to fund their zeppelin-mounted death-rays without having to pander to the impatient scrutiny of large, experienced investors. Hopefully this will mean the world will benefit from more inspired innovation (who doesn’t want their very own death ray?).

But the problem with mad science is that it’s very difficult to tell the difference between a crazy-haired genius and a crazy-haired crazy person. …


Crowdfunding donations: Is giving me your money a good idea?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… the site, we can talk about how much you want to donate to my “Get Tommaso Out of This World” fund.)

Pro: The spirit of charity is alive and well

Even in today’s depressed global economy, it’s heartening to see so many people willing to donate money to complete strangers. For example, one charitable soul donated to a woman stricken with cancer, posting this on her micro site: “I know I don’t know you, but I know cancer…and I want you to kick its butt!” In a world that …

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