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Task-work in global networks

Posted on by Esko Kilpi

Resource allocation has always been one of the main tasks of management: planning what is to be done by whom and when? In integrated factory-systems and with homogenous resources, allocation could easily be done top-down and in advance of doing anything. Planning could take place separated from the action.

When human intelligence is the decisive factor of production and …

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Predicting the Facebook IPO: The crowd gets it wrong

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

An excess of confidence can be a dangerous thing. As Mark Zuckerberg ponders the jagged descent of Facebook’s share price and industry analysts scramble to explain the social network’s woes, the aura of optimism that heralded the Facebook IPO has evaporated.

So how did it all go so wrong? One clue may lie in the crowdsourced prediction site …

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Crime-sourcing: the dark side of the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… furry front for some evil cyber villain?” Or if crime-sourced games started infiltrating social networks (gives Mafia Wars a whole new meaning).

Of course, this is all speculation – a worst case scenario. Crime-sourcing is really a twisted tribute to the power of crowds. It’s only because crowdsourcing has become so successful that criminals are suddenly desperate to get “in on the game”. We just have to work out how to stop them. Ideas anyone?


Transfluent: tweeting in tongues

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… slow. Our fast response times are due to crowdsourcing: all our translations are crowdsourced from networks of professional translators.”

Thanks to this linguistically gifted crowd, Microtask can now effortlessly tweet in two languages. C’est magnifique, non?

Breaking the language barrier

Over the last couple of years, the crowdsourced translation of social networking sites has been a major (very well-publicized) success story. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of users, Twitter …

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Life, liberty and the pursuit of crowdsourcing: Iceland’s constitutional saga

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… same way you crowdsource anything: invite citizens to suggest new ideas via websites and social networks. Of course, it helps that Iceland has 94% internet penetration and over a thousand years of democratic history.

The finished constitution document is now available online in both Icelandic and English. Policies include electoral reform, government transparency and decentralization. There’s an impressive absence of “Jedi clauses” or “ pastafarian amendments ” so either web …

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