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Crime-sourcing: the dark side of the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… cards, have a couple of drinks and promise to stop opening emails from long lost cousins based in Nigeria. Option 2: take it personally, put on some dark sunglasses and go after the hackers.

Misha Glenny chose option 2, and then spent over two years infiltrating the murky world of cyber-crime. He uncovered a fast-growing, global industry. According to Glenny, cyber-crime bosses are adaptable, imaginative and eager to exploit new technology. They’re also phenomenal outsourcers – a …

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Africa online 2011: The mobile continent

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… bush taxi, perhaps). Many are health care or development projects, like Sproxil. Operating in Nigeria and Ghana, Spoxil has developed software that allows the crowd to authenticate drug labels via SMS. The aim is to fight the huge trade in illegal pharmaceuticals.

Some entrepreneurs have begun to think outside the development sector – moving towards more commercial enterprises. Eric Hersman, one of the Ushahidi founders, recently set up iHub in Nairobi. iHub is a building where …