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Libya, liberation and the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

The recent uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East have taught the world a lot about people power. Depressingly, they’ve also shown how easy it is for a crazy dictator to shut down the internet.

At the time of writing, Libya is still almost totally offline.

It’s clear that oppressive regimes are scared of the web. Considering the online creativity of the young, tech-savvy crowd you can understand why. …

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Crowded planet: desperately seeking sustainability

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… projects listed in The Enabling City (and it’s a pretty long list) are based in Europe or North America. Plus I wonder how Alex Steffen’s “denser, greener future” applies to already chronically overcrowded cities like Manila and Lagos.

While growing populations are a worldwide issue, developing countries face the toughest, most urgent challenges. In the next 40 years, African cities alone are set to triple in size. Previously on the blog, we’ve discussed how developing …

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Africa online 2011: The mobile continent

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… up with some truly innovative applications.

Show me the money

If there’s one area where Africa leads the world, it’s mobile banking. The Kenyan company M-Pesa is a branch-less, mobile money system that allows customers to transfer cash by SMS. In Nairobi, apparently, you can even pay taxi drivers by mobile. The success of services like M-Pesa is jaw dropping: in Kenya over $30 million worth of mobile transactions are carried out every day. And, if there really are more mobile …

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When knowledge is power

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… the freedom it implies. The people of the rest of the world, whether living in extreme states like North Korea and Zimbabwe, or major economic powers like Russia and China, do not sleep so soundly.

For your information

In the end, the power of the state stems from its ability to coerce – especially in countries where its legitimacy is challenged. But almost as important is its access to vast amounts of information, and ability to control what information reaches individuals. As we all …

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Africa Online

Posted on by Otto Chrons

Speak to me of Africa and my mind fills with images of broad savannahs, teeming with wildlife. Dense, impenetrable jungles, also teeming with wildlife. Vast, inhospitable stretches of desert, not quite so teeming with wildlife. Warthog and Meerkat singing show tunes as they help a young Lion reclaim his rightful place as….The Lion King!

Okay, clearly I’ve seen too many Disney films. In reality things …

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