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Mixing oil and water: how diversity fosters innovation

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… of “Solvers” on the website InnoCentive. As many readers will know, InnoCentive is an open innovation platform that gives companies (“Seekers”) the opportunity to ask the world to help solve scientific and business problems. Since its launch in 2001 it has helped various companies solve over 400 problems (amounting to 40% of those posted), for which they have paid Solvers over $4m.

Among other things, InnoCentive has highlighted the value of diversity. Looking at those who …

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Crowdsourcing Forums, a Daily appointment

Posted on by David Bratvold

… of crowdsourcing by launching the first publicly available crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and open innovation forums.

They are the first of their kind to be focused exclusively on facilitating global conversations about the increasing use of crowdsourcing in just about every aspect of life from marketing to public consultation. And because they are not tied to any existing company, they are a place to openly discuss various platforms.

As the founder of site, I can say that the reason …

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Open Source Life

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… not be possible anyway), some suggest that a better way to protect society from it is to instead open the know-how up to as many people as possible. The idea is that this will give the good guys of the computing and genetics world a chance to quickly neutralize any malicious threats.

Of course, creating an antidote to a real life virus is rather more complicated and fraught with danger than dealing with the latest malware. For a start, as anyone who clicked on the link to extra detail …


Welcome to the Open Ministry

Posted on by Jack Reynolds

… volunteers, including web-development wizard Aleksi Rossi, and created the Avoin Ministeriö, or Open Ministry. The site allows Finns to submit proposals for legislation, which are then debated and refined by the site’s membership. We sat down with Joonas and Aleksi to discuss the possibilities for crowdsourced lawmaking.

I understand the first proposal submitted to the site was a bill to repeal the tax on dog ownership, and that it came from you, Joonas. Why did you choose that as …


Manufacturing success: how to use crowdsourcing to enhance innovation and product development

Posted on by Derek Singleton

… economy.

In this environment, crowdsourcing is increasingly recognized as a good way to enhance innovation and develop better products more efficiently. For a variety of reasons, however, many companies are hesitant about importing it into their development processes. Below I set out concrete ways that companies can overcome some of these issues.

Reflections of a software analyst

For the last year and a half I’ve been covering the manufacturing industry as a software analyst for …

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