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When crowdsourcing goes wrong: Lessons in crowd control

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… a stern glance from Mountain Dew owners PepsiCo. I wouldn’t want to be the guy to climb Mount Pepsi and tell the bosses up there that you accidentally named their new drink “Diabeetus.”

Recently we’ve offered advice on how to bring crowdsourcing into manufacturing, and how to use crowdsourcing to get help from your community. Here we offer some Villa Fresh-inspired ideas for effective “crowd control.”

Know your objectives.

It’s always necessary to have a solid aim, …

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Madmen join the game

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… the virtual world, in my opinion, is not detracting from it. That is why efforts like the gleaming Pepsi vending machines that exist in the devastated cityscapes of Bionic Commando cause some angst. If indestructible materials existed in the future, it seems unlikely that their use would be restricted solely to the construction of vending machines. Such lack of cohesion contributes to a less believable virtual environment, and brings you back into the real world with a thud.

“Yes We …

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Can you crowdsource Christmas?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… If nothing else, it will be a memorable Christmas dinner.


And to wash it all down? Pepsi certainly wins the award for effort. PepsiCo gave up advertising at the Super Bowl last year and, since then, the company’s been running Refresh Everything, a series of crowdsourcing competitions aimed at donating money to community projects.

Meanwhile, patriotically sticking to their stereotype as a nation of beer fanatics, an Australian company has crowdsourced the brown stuff. …

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