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Crowd funding: a monumental achievement

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

Detroit is a tough town, down on its luck. First there was the fall of the US motor industry, then a global financial meltdown. Thousands of people have left the city. Many neighborhoods are now derelict – populated only by violent gangs, wild dogs and film crews shooting apocalyptic zombie movies. In these troubled times, can anyone save “Motor City”?

Forget Obama and …

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Behind the façade: How crowdsourcing will bring videogames to life

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… that they are still alive, let alone still overflowing with volcanic creativity. As a programmer, Peter Molyneux celebrated themes like power, choice and influence in his games. Now, as the Creative Director of Microsoft Games Studio, he can spend less time on technical details and more time developing the concepts that will shape the gaming industry in the future.

It was back at the Los Angeles E3 Conference of 2009 when Molyneux proudly displayed Milo for the first time to showcase …

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Crowdsourcing Forums, a Daily appointment

Posted on by David Bratvold

Since The Daily Crowdsource launched last summer, it has quickly evolved to become the home for crowdsourcing news and information: a comprehensive site for news, crowdsourcing tools, and internationally renowned Crowd Leaders. The Daily Crowdsource continues its mission to expand the knowledge of crowdsourcing by launching the first publicly available crowdsourcing, …

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GDC 2011: Angry birds, happy Finns

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… Angry Birds, both topping Time magazine’s top 10 list of videogames for 2010. Rovio ’s Peter Vesterbacka was swamped by people wanting photos, and a chance to find out how he managed to sell 100 million game apps featuring birds, slingshots and green space pigs.

But this success is actually a reflection on the vibrancy of the game development scene in Finland. In the early 90′s we had about 15 people making a living from the games industry. Now there are 1500, working in about …

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E-petitions: a vote for the future?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… plan worry that an avalanche of negative petitioning will clog up the work of government. Even Peter Roberts, the man behind the road pricing campaign, has called e-petitions “a blunt instrument”. What if every tax rise and cutback got blocked by citizens? (Refer to the state of California’s finances for answer.) Or if internet-savvy lobbying groups – such as the green movement or the food industry – hijacked the site, pushing their own agendas?

But before we all sink back …

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