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A Ray of Sunshine

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… and aid workers in a position to help directly. NGOs like Oxfam, the Clinton Foundation, Plan International, and American Red Cross are this minute benefiting from Ushahidi data in the field in Haiti.

At a relative’s work last week, they organized a bake sale – which is a somewhat more traditional way to help those in need in Haiti (and from which I again benefit indirectly). This is all well and good and hopefully when the money in the cookie jar eventually finds its way …

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Net cops: cybercrime and the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… Head of Europol (Europe’s answer to the CIA) Rob Wainwright recently announced his plan to get the masses directly involved in stopping online bad guys.

Basically, the problem is that after twenty years of the web there’s still no concrete data on the scope and extent of cybercrime. We’re not just talking criminal mastermind level stuff here, but also everyday offenses: email scams, security attacks, credit card fraud – the bread and butter of the online underworld. Why …



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… At Microtask he is responsible for running the company, fiscal planning and the business plan.

Otto Chrons, CTO

Otto is an entrepreneur and technologist. He has 15 years of experience in software development, with particular interest in mobile, security and graphics technology. Otto has an exceptional understanding of a broad range of technological issues and a passion for innovation. Otto has successfully grown a start-up to a medium-sized company which was then …

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See hear: crowdsourced subtitles for everyday life

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… system is perfect for travelers who don’t speak the local language. The researchers plan to launch a smartphone app called Legion:Scribe this October, which will help you pay too much for souvenirs in almost any language you can think of.

The possibilities are truly exciting. The app could transform your smartphone into a Star Trek-style Universal Translator, letting you talk to absolutely anyone. If the researchers manage to hit their goal of a near-instant transcription, you …

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Trillion Fund: where normal people can invest (and save the world)

Posted on by Matt-Kennedy Good

… energy industries. Julia Groves is one of them. I caught up with her last week to discuss her plan to use crowdfunding to save the world (and help normal people make money from investing).

Trillion Fund is an exciting concept. Where did the idea come from?

It came about as a way to use crowdfunding to solve two problems.

The first is financial markets and the way investment works at the moment. Currently, investment opportunities for smaller investors are terrible. We want to offer …

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