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GDC 2011: Angry birds, happy Finns

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… informally. Other than Microtask, Finnish companies on the fringe of the gaming industry such as Premium Fan Page and Applifier were present and active.

Smaller developers had a blast: Recoil finally presented Rochard, a side scrolling shooter/puzzle game that is pushing Unity where no software has been before. I also bumped into the CEO of Tribe Studio a few times (they are behind Stagecraft : potentially the missing link between alternate reality games and interactive software). …

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Ville Miettinen

Wili is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. He’s been programming since the early 80′s, and has his made career in high-tech in the field of 3D computer graphics. Wili is a world traveller and a semi-professional photographer . Wili is the CEO of Microtask.

Tommaso De Benetti

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