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Crowdsourcing vs privacy: do we know too much?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… Back in the 1950s, the U.S. writer Louis Kronenberger famously complained that TV had “given privacy its death blow.”.

The pronouncement turned out to be a little premature. It’s hard to imagine what Kronenberger would have said about the rise of the internet (possibly that the web was doing something very nasty to privacy’s corpse).

60 years on, the battle between privacy and technology shows no sign of letting up.

The very nature of crowdsourcing means it is often at the …

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MOG: the day the music gamified

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… outrage over the Spotify-Facebook deal is all about lack of control: users feel they’re losing privacy and being forced to share music. MOG is clearly just as desperate as Spotify to plug in to Facebook’s 800 million users. However, MOG does give people some “mastery” over how they share data and interact with advertisers (users actively decide which ads to watch, which tracks to share etc). As gamers know, choice plus rewards can be a very powerful combination indeed.

The official …

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Crowdconvention 2011: a designer’s tale

Posted on by Harry Seppala

… willing to share information on topics ranging from worker-accuracy and ethical concerns, to privacy and security issues. The Microtask delegation was delighted to discover that the word “microtask” is now in common use.

Another (slightly less welcome) conference buzzword was “our platform”, an expression which seemed to mean anything from a barely-defined idea to a fully-developed service. We see this as more than just a semantic problem: while many companies have some kind of …

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Distributed work and data security: can the crowd keep a secret?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… Online, as Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy once tactfully remarked, “You have zero privacy. Get over it.”

The trouble with the “McNealy philosophy” is that the web is now the place where millions of people go to work, as well as play. Even the most innocent, open, non-evil companies generally have some data – such as personal information, research and development strategy, secret Santa lists – they need to keep secure.

Distributed work platforms face a unique and …

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Smartsheet: the deadliest app in town?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… in minutes. The Smartsourcing system lets you specify instructions, timings, payment rates and privacy settings. The app also recently teamed up with Google docs, giving it access to a massive new potential market.

The web is buzzing with (frankly sickening numbers of) satisfied customers. It seems folks just can’t get enough of an elegantly engineered crowdsourcing solution. And, to prove there is sometimes truth behind the hype, a recent paper by Mechanical Turk guru Panos …

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