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Rate me baby one more time: crowdsourcing the perfect song

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… A group of evolutionary scientists at Imperial College in London have created a crowdsourced research project which attempts to do just that. The researchers note that every time a listener chooses one song over another, they are making a creative choice, with one track being more successful than another. This process mirrors Darwinian natural selection and provides a great way to test the idea that music can evolve and adapt.

The project’s central experiment began with the creation …


Could equity based crowdfunding pay for your retirement (and save the world)?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

So, you have a bit of spare cash you want to invest. You’re not Warren Buffet (if you are, please reply to my emails), but you’re interested in where this money goes and of course the returns that come from it. If all goes well, one day it may fund part of your retirement. That or buy an attack drone to terrorize your neighbors with.

The problem, for small investors, …

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An Eye for the Eye: Mapping Retinal Neurons with the Crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… Eyewire is also contributing to our understanding of the eye’s nervous system. Potentially the research could result in treatments for disorders like epilepsy and new ways to revert and prevent different types of blindness.

The method is already being applied to the rest of the brain’s neurons with the “Wired Differently” program which could result in better understanding and treatments for conditions like autism and schizophrenia. Perhaps one day we may even understand the brain …

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Can crowdsourcing be used as a tool for evil?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

A recent interview on Daily Crowdsource with Manuel Cebrian (you might remember him from such groundbreaking crowdsourcing projects as 2009’s DARPA Red Balloon Challenge and last month’s Tag Challenge) about crowdsourcing and crime got me thinking.

It occurred to me that the Joker from The Dark Knight may be the first ever super-villain to use crowdsourcing for his …


When stupid beats smart: the power of collective ignorance

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… it’s easy to feel smug about our computational prowess.

But if the history of neurological research has shown anything, it’s that our brains are far less reliable than we may think (one look at Wikipedia’s list of cognitive biases is enough to make anyone want to trade theirs for a Commodore 64). With such clear evidence that individual brains are unreliable, why should we assume that collective reasoning is any better?

Thankfully, researchers Stefan M. Herzog and Ralph Hertwig …

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