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Crowdsourcing: amateur and proud

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… of the 17th century collaborated, by mail, to form a major scientific institution – the Royal Society (or the invisible college as it was quaintly known).

Virtually the whole concept of crowdsourcing depends on self-driven enthusiasm. From T-shirt making to crowd funding – without interested men and women prepared to invest their free time the crowd simply wouldn’t exist. Today’s equivalent of the Royal Society is surely crowdsourcing sites like InnoCentive, which give …

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Faces in the crowd: how crowdsourcing can help people fit into society

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… burning torches or hurtful terms like “mob mentality” and “tyranny of the majority”, our society often seems to favor the individual over the group.

We in the crowdsourcing industry have been working hard to dispel these myths and improve the image of the mob. Research underway at Cambridge University is doing just that, by using the crowd to help individuals who have more trouble than most fitting into society: people with autistic spectrum disorders.

Just put on a happy face …

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Crowdfunding donations: Is giving me your money a good idea?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… going to a charitable version of the “ West African scam ”.

Pro: Help draw attention to society’s failings (and maybe fix them)

The woman I mentioned earlier racked up an ER bill of $10,000 for what turned out to be an incorrect diagnosis. Other similar stories of unbelievable financial hardship abound on the site. Along with helping these people out, hopefully GoFundMe will draw attention to situations which society as a whole could remedy.

Con: A lack of personal …

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Confidence tricks: can crowdsourcing keep our feet on the ground?

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… that “ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”

Despite how far society has progressed since this was written, it seems as relevant now as it ever was. Whether it’s refusing to stop and ask for directions because we’re sure we know the right way (only to find ourselves lost in the wilderness ), or setting the treadmill too fast and ending up in a spluttering heap on the gym floor, most of us can relate to its sentiment.

But misplaced confidence can go …

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Crowdsourcing democracy: was the Arab Spring over-hyped?

Posted on by Safia Bhutta

… meal during Ramadan.

What we have learned, perhaps, is that you can’t reform or rebuild a society with just good intentions and 140 characters (or less) – especially if you are based at a far-away university. Yet while the tools from the social media “revolution” may not bring about revolution themselves, if managed in the right way, they can be used to organize people, spread ideas and demonstrate popular support for reforms. Perhaps eventually, then, they can help bring about …

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