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Crime-sourcing: the dark side of the crowd

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… which got people to vote on who the group’s next hacking victim should be (must have caused Sarah Palin some serious DDoS problems).

Trust me, I’m a crowdsourcer

Does crime-sourcing matter much to us – the hard-working, honest crowdsourcing majority? I guess it depends how big the “crime-sourcing sector” grows. Could enough crowd-scams make people suspicious of crowdsourcing in general? Right now there’s a lot of “positive-energy” around crowdsourcing. If we lose …

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Madmen join the game

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… high revs per minute. But add a bit of in-game advertising for say Republican sweetheart Sarah Palin, and suddenly he might become Sonic the Republican. Would a card-carrying Democrat want to help a Republican in their quest to collect magic rings? I think not!

The official word from EA sports, whose games carried the Obama advertising, was that they approach political advertising like a television station does. It makes it sound like they’ve been airing political content for …

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