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Hatforce: your friendly crowd of hackers

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… the credit card numbers of over 70 million Playstation users, exposing major security flaws at Sony. Just a few days ago, the same thing happened to gaming distribution platform Steam. Details are still emerging but Gabe Newell, Steam co-founder and beloved guru of the gaming industry, gave this not-very-reassuring advice: “watch your credit card.”

Clearly, the gaming industry has serious security issues. So, will we gamers soon be forced to abandon our consoles and (shock …

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TeleVisions of the future

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… operating system running on its Android. It has signed deals with TV manufacturers such as Sony and set-top box makers such as Logitech to build TVs that will run on Android.

Rather than scrolling across archaic spreadsheets of TV listings, users will type the name of the desired show into the Google task bar, which will search conventional television signals, saved recordings and the net, including both network re-runs and of course Google sites like YouTube. It will link social …

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