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MOG: the day the music gamified

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… buck. In such dark times, surely only a crazy person would try launching another free music streaming service…

All you have to do is… Play the game

Executives at MOG clearly disagree. As hip/geeky readers will know, MOG is not really new – the service first appeared in 2009. Until recently however, listeners paid $5 per month to access MOG’s 11 million tracks. Now the service has turned freemium and is (currently) ad-free. So what’s the catch? In a word: gamification. …

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TeleVisions of the future

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

In an era where the traditional media industry has struggled, one medium has proven surprisingly resilient. Despite the huge array of entertainment now available, TV is more popular than ever. North Americans spend more time watching television than they spend consuming all other media put together . Nielsen recently found they watch, on average, over five hours a day — a …

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