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See hear: crowdsourced subtitles for everyday life

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

As anyone who has watched a few movies with unofficial subtitles will know, quality control can be a bit of an issue. But even in the world of terrible, inaccurate subtitles, nothing comes close to the awful poetry that is Star War the Third Gathers: Backstroke of the West (better known as Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith ). The homemade subtitles that accompany this pirated version of George Lucas’ blockbuster are so wildly mangled …

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The Italian Job

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… with the average person from Scandinavia for example – where programs and movies are aired with subtitles instead of dubbing – and the difference is marked.

While many Italians love their dubbed TV, a large number prefer subtitles in order to maintain a show’s original flavor and to help develop their English skills. Once upon a time these people would have had no alternative to an Italian speaking Homer Simpson. Perhaps they could have purchased expensive satellite systems to pick up …

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SpeakerText: serious about subtitles

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

The 1980s was a strange decade. An era of big business, big hair and really big mobile phones . It was also the golden age of the VHS video player.

Thanks to a cutting edge piece of technology called the rewind button , we could enjoy classic scenes from Star Wars , The Karate Kid and Crocodile Dundee again and again (although watching the Death Star explode too many …

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Look Who’s Talking

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… pick up colds.

For the rest of us mere mortals, who prefer to watch our foreign movies with subtitles, the ongoing effort to improve machine translation is a noble cause. Although I secretly enjoy being able to do at least one thing better than my computer, even I can see the upside. Imagine a world where everyone could understand each other. The potential for economic and social progress is enormous.

If my computer does ever manage to translate something better than a human …

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