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The Travelling Salesman is back – Part 1

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… In October 2010, we left Kristoffer Lawson with his plan to visit Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark in search of promising tech startups. After many vicissitudes, the trip is now over and he’s back. With a presentation held the 16th of December in the premises of Aalto Venture Garage, he went on retelling his legendary journey of networking and (self) discovery.

Good trip, but luck

“When I started thinking about this journey,” began Kristoffer, “it was …

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Power from the people: crowdsourcing the constitution

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… to follow its development (and see how soon it is before someone suggests declaring war on Sweden).

The current crop of constitutional projects represents a new frontier for collaborative reasoning. Though Iceland’s constitution has yet to be seen in operation and the Finnish CIA is in its infancy, those of us at the commercial end of crowdsourcing will be able to learn valuable lessons from these large-scale initiatives. Let’s just hope those lessons are more ‘Wow! That’s …

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The Travelling Salesman is back – Part 2

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

Recently , the ever-intrepid Kristoffer Lawson talked about the first part of his journey in search of the most promising Nordic tech startups. We featured his adventures on the Swedish and Norwegian scene, along with how it feels to drive around Umeå in a windowless jeep in the middle of December.

Now, with more startups, more anecdotes and even some Danish blondes, we …

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The Travelling Salesman, one man and his crazy dream

Posted on by Ville Miettinen

… why Kristoffer Lawson’s plan to visit startups all over Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden is so cool. In a world where making “friends” is as easy as clicking your mouse button, we believe actually taking the time to meet with people and establish a real human connection is nothing short of genius.

It is also crazy (don’t tell Kristoffer’s mom.) He is planning to go way, way up north. Although I’m lending him my Land Rover Defender – which has a winch and a cute …

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Is feedback the new Tower of Babel?

Posted on by Tommaso De Benetti

… way which is not always obvious.

Broken English

Last year I had the chance to fly to Malmö, Sweden, and take part to the Nordic Game Conference. Together with a friend I did some networking, attended as many seminars as possible, and interviewed people for a games podcast we are producing. Amongst many interesting seminars, Insomniac’s Community Director Ray Schneider delivered a challenging lecture on how, as a game developer, you should always maintain a dialogue with the various …

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